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Raclette Platter Deal for 4/5 persons

Raclette Platter Deal for 4/5 persons

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Raclette Cheese 1kg

France - Franche-Comté

​Pasteurised cow milk

​​Raclette platter serves 4/5 persons ( you get 1kg of sliced raclette)

​The must have for your perfect Raclette Party! 

Cured Meat Platter serves 4/5 persons (500g)

Thecured meat platter is composed of three to four different type of cured meat & gerkins, for example: saucisson (dry pork sausage), prosciutto, hand cut serrano ham, italian salami, french coppa, bresaola, tavaillon cured beef.

Only available at the shop to pick up! or London courier delivery.

(24h notice required*)

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